The Gospel According to Youth: "Younger Than Jesus"

The New Museum's huge generational theme show ain't exactly art's savior

Mozart minus music: Ziad Antar's La Marche Turque
Video installation by Ziad Antar
Mozart minus music: Ziad Antar's La Marche Turque


'The Generational: Younger Than Jesus'
The New Museum of Contemporary Art
235 Bowery, 212-219-1222
Through July 5

Most mischievous and funny of all, perhaps, is Chinese artist Chu Yun's installation, This Is Laura (2006), re-created in the New Museum, in which the artist gives a female "paid volunteer" enough sleep aids to doze through the show under a very comfortable-looking duvet, oblivious to the cacophony. Putting a real, dormant person in the center of such an explosive, garish collection of young hopefuls can't help but feel like an editorial comment. She needed to rest her eyes, it seems—or all the excess just put her to sleep.

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