The Inhuman League: the Juan MacLean

On the dance-music dude's faux-android love affairs

That said, the album's biggest hit is also its happiest (and longest). Go figure: It's called "Happy House," one of 2008's biggest underground hits on both rock and house dance floors, buoyed by Whang's unabashed exclamation: "You are so damn excellent."

" 'Happy House' says something that people would have a really hard time expressing themselves, especially if you're a self-centered hipster, like we are," MacLean confesses. "You can't be excited and honest about anything. Operating in this world, where lyrics and vocals tend to be couched in irony or some kind of surface, we made the decision to be as honest and sincere as possible, at the risk of sounding trite. And three people have told me that they have used it as their wedding song." Whang echoes such an honest outlook: "We both knew it was necessary for us to be genuine about what we were doing and not be afraid to make ourselves vulnerable." Which is, pretty much, crucial advice to making any relationship work, artistic or otherwise.

So is the human John MacLean happy now? "It is cool to have this public domain for this art project where you can purge all these things," he says. "Now, I'm pretty much perfect, I would say." At which point, his girlfriend perks up from her spot on the studio couch and laughs.

John/Juan (seated at top) overlooks his robotic empire.
John/Juan (seated at top) overlooks his robotic empire.

The Juan MacLean play (le) poisson rouge April 17

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