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It was surreally wonderful to see Lisa Edelstein again at a birthday bash in her East Village apartment last week. Way back in the prehistoric '80s, I wrote a column gushing about Lisa (then known as merely Lisa E.) and James St. James as the hot celebutantes on the scene, dolled-up young things who were running around clubs being fabulous and, in my eyes, really going places, too. People crucified me, saying, "Who cares about these two dingbats? Are you just plugging them because they're your friends?" Well, James went on to write the acclaimed memoir Disco Bloodbath, and Lisa co-stars on the hit show House. Snap, snap, score (which, by the way, is the sixth most overused gay expression).

At the get-together, I asked Lisa exactly how many shows she's been on through the years. "I don't know," she replied. "That's like counting how many people you've slept with." Speak for yourself, dear. But House has clicked, finding its audience when American Idol gave it a whopping lead-in and stopped it from foreclosure. Before all that, did Lisa really turn down a lead in Will & Grace? "I turned down my callback," she clarified. "I didn't think the part was right for me. I have to know I can like the person for seven years." And so the role went to Eric McCormack, ba dum pum. (Yes, I can do bad jokes, too.)

More soberly, I went to the Horton Foote memorial at the Vivien Beaumont, seeing as I know Halle, Daisy, and, in fact, all the Feet! The event—commemorating the esteemed American playwright and screenwriter—brought out a tasteful assortment of theater folk singing Foote's praises and acting out his dialogue. No one was greedily trying to divide the estate; they were so respectful of their subject that, if he were still around, Horton would have heard a who's-who. Best of all, his son, Walter Foote, told the crowd that people always advised Dad "to jazz things up, develop a plot, and bring in some action," but he didn't know how to do so, nor did he want to!

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Queen for a day: The Miss Fag Hag contest at Comix


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