Jane's Addiction's Relapse

With everyone (finally) on board, one of the last great rock bands rides again

Avery is a major selling point of this reunion tour, something Farrell understands completely. His liquid bass sound made the group what it was for many fans. "I think if you wanna hear the authentic players in every band, I think it's crucial," the singer agrees. "Don't you miss Bill Wyman? Don't you miss David Gilmour? Look at the last Van Halen tour. Eric is crucial—he's as crucial as Stephen Perkins, he's as crucial as Dave Navarro."

Still, it took an external nudge to make it happen. "I haven't been in touch with Eric," Farrell says. "For 12 years, I hadn't spoken to him. What really happened was, I was invited by NME, the British music magazine, to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award and perform 'Jane Says' acoustically. And I didn't feel right about accepting an award without inviting everyone to come and join me." The full band ended up performing four songs, at which point, in Farrell's words, "We all kinda came to our senses. It just seemed like, 'No time like the present.' Everybody was in a good place to kind of reunite and meet each other all over again and see if they could work with each other as adults."

For the moment, everyone's doing exactly that, and Farrell seems really happy. "This year, we're getting back on our feet, trying to make everything work—if you know what I'm talking about, monetarily and everything. We have amazing lights, and we have an amazing video presentation, and we're gonna build from there."

Don't throw sandals at them, seriously.
Chapman Baehler
Don't throw sandals at them, seriously.

"It's been great going out here," he continues. "I tell you, the country really loves us and misses us. We're bringing some good vibes and people are getting to relive some memories that were probably locked away for a long time."

Jane's Addiction and Nine Inch Nails play the PNC Bank Arts Center June 6 and the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater June 7

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