Not Even Larry David Can Salvage Woody's Whatever Works

Plus: Israel's own neurotic Etgar Keret's $9.99

Playing against type: Larry David as a crabby Jew
Jessica Miglio, Gravier Productions/Sony Pictures Classics
Playing against type: Larry David as a crabby Jew


Whatever Works
Written and directed by Woody Allen
Sony Pictures Classics
Opens June 19

An interview with Woody Allen
by Scott Foundas
Directed by Tatia Rosenthal
Regent Releasing
Opens June 19

What's most compelling is the spectacle of these weirdly tactile humanoids, with their thin lips, darting eyes, and tendency to get moist (particularly after having sex). There's nothing especially spiritual or Jewish about $9.99, but with its numerologically suggestive title, this curious movie does inspire Kabbalistic reveries. Is it a drama unfolding in one of God's failed creations? Are these depressed, abandoned beings a race of golems—inert creatures fashioned from clay and brought mysteriously to life?

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