Unreality show: Baccarin, Welch, and Kunken in Our House
Joan Marcus
Unreality show: Baccarin, Welch, and Kunken in Our House


Our House
By Theresa RebeckPlaywrights Horizons
416 West 42nd Street, 212-279-4200

Things of Dry Hours
By Naomi Wallace
New York Theatre Workshop
79 East 4th Street, 212-460-5475

Hard to swallow, Wallace's premise gains little conviction from the familiar paces she puts it through. The gravely poetic tone of her dialogue proffers some ringingly good lines, but many more paragraphs of drossy earnestness. Of course the aging Red sees a potential convert in the untutored young redneck, who of course proves an apt pupil whenever his eye isn't wandering to the lady at the laundry tub. Of course there's a betrayer in the house; of course the outcome's painful for all concerned. But the story's life, and any meaning it might have for us today, seem removed and distant. The more vividly the actors inhabit their roles, the more they seem trapped inside a museum case—peasant under glass.

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