Sax & Dixon: We Thee Wed Maintains Fresh-Faced Appeal

It's June: wedding season prime time. If you find yourself scrambling to summer nuptials, you'll be in good company at We Thee Wed at Ars Nova, a sketch comedy in which every single character is headed to the same wedding. This travel tale basically follows an independent-film formula: We meet a dozen characters the night before they leave and learn one trait that defines them; on the way to a common destination, everyone experiences wacky ups and downs in their relationships, revealing neuroses and vulnerabilities. At the party, everyone converges and gets a little wild; finally, lovable foibles are accepted and forgiven. Onstage, however, there's a special twist: All dramatis personae are performed by co-creators Matt Sax and John Dixon.

A marry-go-round: Matt Sax and John Dixon
Ben Arons
A marry-go-round: Matt Sax and John Dixon


Sax & Dixon: We Thee Wed
By Matt Sax and John Dixon
Ars Nova
511 West 54th Street, 212-352-3101

As they scuttle around the bare playing area, evoking the entire guest list without props, costumes, or pauses, Sax and Dixon (both in their mid-twenties) maintain a certain fresh-faced appeal. That same PG-13 quality, however, holds their material back: Characters like Grandpa and a priest's ghost-friend are ultimately not interesting enough to justify constant retreading—a function of the duo's limited range. Jokes about mega-churches go down well, but, like many a wedding party, it feels like we stayed too long and overindulged.