Downtown's Lady Boswells: Lydia Lunch's Will Work for Drugs; Reverend Jen's Live Nude Elf

Bohos pause from their alternative lifestyles to type up two new memoirs

Jen and Lunch are both Adah Menken's heiresses, but they could hardly be more different. Lunch distills all her experiences down into a thick resin of pain; Jen removes pain from her prose with the efficiency of a cotton gin. Lunch makes you struggle to read her; you might finish Live Nude Elf without realizing you've been reading at all. Lunch is less successful at what she's doing than Jen, and probably won't move nearly as many units. But I'm more likely to read Lunch's next book. Maybe I'm just betraying the vintage of my own bohemianism.

Blowjobs on a deadline: Reverend Jen
George Courtney
Blowjobs on a deadline: Reverend Jen


Will Work for Drugs
By Lydia Lunch
Akashic, 155 pp., $15.95

Live Nude Elf: The Sexperiments of Reverend Jen
By Reverend Jen
Soft Skull, 245 pp., $14.95

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