Dancing With The Stars' Gay Faux Pas

Airing my own dirty laundry. Or just doing it, with people watching.

By the way, the LaToya Jackson scene was snipped "out of respect for the Jackson family," so now we know exactly where Sacha Baron Cohen draws the line. (Interestingly, Universal refused GLAAD's plea to trim a shot of Brüno with the baby in a sex-filled hot tub, but caved in to Jackson family values.) It's too bad because it was the one celeb cameo where I thought the person might really have been punk'd (unlike the Ron Paul bit, which is funny nonetheless): It had Brüno taunting LaToya by asking her to act more like Michael, as if that were possible. Now that it's been sliced off like a famous nose, LaToya gets overshadowed by her brother one more time.

And finally, the still-vital rocker Rob Thomas celebrated his new album, Cradlesong, at a LIFEbeat bash, where he told me it consists of "a bunch of happy songs with dark-themed lyrics." But what could a world-famous rock star get so depressed about? "My mother died," he replied, earnestly, "and my wife is dealing with an autoimmune disease . . ." "I didn't really want to know!" I cracked, creating an awkward moment I'm deeply ashamed of.

I switched topics to Rob's recent Huffington Post essay in favor of same-sex marriage. Did they pay? "No." But it was very effective, dealing with—as Rob told me—"straight white people who act like they own God and say God doesn't love the gay people." I guess they didn't hear about the gorgeous weather on Gay Pride!

Rob Thomas: All a-Twitter
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Rob Thomas: All a-Twitter


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"Anyway, are you addicted to Twittering?" I asked for a final tweet. "I guess I am," he admitted. "I realized it's a good promotional tool for my record, and the anonymity is great. You can say a lot, but without saying anything at all. You can control the information—unlike Facebook, where people visit your life and look at photos of your vacation." I'll stick to just doing national talk shows.


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