Introducing Heide Hatry, William Lamson, and Carrie Moyer

Three New York City artists you probably don't know, but should

It helps to know some of these references and their legacy. The surrealists, after all, took their cues from Freud, who was interested in the strata of the human mind. To complicate matters, surrealism (and Freud) has often been seen as anathema to feminism—which has ridden its own historical roller coaster. By juxtaposing the ancient, modern, and contemporary, Moyer rips them out of their old contexts and circulates them in a new one—"cross-wiring," she calls it. But, like really good art, the paintings work on enough levels that you don't have to know anything about Joseph Campbell or Redstockings to appreciate the ingenious compositions or dazzling surface effects. MARTHA SCHWENDENER

Carrie Moyer's Mythic Being
Carrie Moyer/Canada Gallery
Carrie Moyer's Mythic Being

Selections from Heide Hatry's series of heads are on view through July 31 at Elga Wimmer, 526 West 26th Street, 212-206-0006

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