CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] Burn the Book of Love you've been using these past few years, Capricorn, even if you just do it metaphorically. Don't think of the incineration as censorship. Think of it as liberating yourself from the tyranny of fables that have programmed you to accept less love than you deserve and give less love than you have to give. Imagine that you're ready for a riper approach to the knotty riddles of the heart. And when you're done with the burning, go in search of a brand-new Book of Love. Better yet, write that holy text yourself. A good title might be Love Doesn't Conquer All, But 60 Percent Isn't Bad. A bad title would be Love Doesn't Suck.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] You should closely monitor your environment for beguiling appearances of the number seven. I have reason to believe that seven may be involved in your current inconveniences and dilemmas. I theorize that seven has been trying to call attention to itself in an odd or irritating manner so as to get you to tune in to certain benefits that could be associated with the number seven—benefits you've been overlooking. I would even go so far as to speculate that seven may be both the cause of and the cure for your itch. Be especially alert for sevens that are in the vicinity of the color green or the letter "G." Perk up your intuition anytime seven appears in advertisements, boxes of food, tattoos, or T-shirts.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] Don't concern yourself with praying to the gods of luck and chance. I'll take care of that for you. Your job is to solicit the favor of the gods of diligence and discipline. Why? Because I think you've got a lot of good work ahead of you—work that will take ingenious attention to detail—and you're going to need the extra boost those gods can provide. Of course, their help won't be enough. You will also have to draw on extra reserves of your willpower in order to express new heights of determination and persistence. Together, you and those no-nonsense deities will be an unbeatable team. The better you organize yourself, the more they will help you get organized. The stronger you push to make your efforts crisp and efficient, the easier they'll make it for you to do just that.


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