Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne At It Again for Lorna's Silence

New locale, same worldview

Eventually, Dobroshi learned her lines by heart and even agreed to the brothers' most demanding condition for accepting the role—that she trim her long hair to Lorna's close-cropped cut. "She said, 'I've always had long hair, ever since I was a little girl,' " recalls Jean-Pierre. "And we said, 'We're afraid you're going to leave your childhood with us.' "

In the film's most striking sequence—which happens to be the Dardennes' first sex scene—a frantic Lorna, having resolved to wean Claudy from his habit by locking him inside their apartment and tossing the key out the window, strips naked and proceeds to offer herself, for the first time, to her husband. When their bodies meet, it is not as fellow pawns in a devil's bargain, but as two equally fragile beings seeking shelter from the storm.

These men look alike: Jean-Pierre 
(left) and Luc Dardenne
Christine Plenus/Sony Pictures Classics
These men look alike: Jean-Pierre (left) and Luc Dardenne

"What happens to her is something totally unexpected," says Jean-Pierre. "Lorna has planned everything, calculated everything, gone through all the possibilities up to this moment, and here, something happens that she hasn't foreseen and that is uncontrollable. She wants to save Claudy. The manner to save him, she thinks, is to give herself to him. But it's as if the trap she has set for him turns around and traps her, too. After all these months of living life as a pseudo-couple, in which she has refused his every attempt at intimacy, she finds herself trapped as well."

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