Daniel Boulud's DBGB Would Like to Pork You

The noted chef offers a spin on sausages and beer

One night, a friend and I ordered "The Piggy," a burger that should probably come with a side of Lipitor. It combines a beef patty, slaw, jalapeño mayo, and a heaping portion of pulled pork from Daisy May's BBQ, all on a cornbread-cheddar bun. We were prepared to be mildly grossed out—that's basically an entire meat dinner heaped atop an entire meat dinner—but found ourselves munching on it compulsively. Overkill? Absolutely, and the flavor of the pork overwhelms the burger itself. But it does taste really good, almost transgressively so. The skinny fries, however, which come with the burgers and the hot dog, are limp.

We sampled several wines by the glass before realizing that they're nearly uniformly mediocre. Instead, take a gander at the fantastic beer list, which offers nine lagers and 15 ales by the glass, and many, many more than that by the bottle. The brews hail from all over the world, and range from the familiar—Sixpoint, Jever—to the rare, like Birreria le Baladin, an Italian triple ale. You'll also find plenty of sweet and hoppy high-alcohol Belgian ales, which will get you drunk before you know it. And DBGB is the sort of restaurant best enjoyed slightly tipsy—liquid courage to order fried tripe, blood sausage, and, most terrifying of all, that maniacal Piggy.

Lyon on the Bowery
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Lyon on the Bowery

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