President Rejects Gay Hustler!

Plus Abe Lincoln's logs and more than 15 minutes at Warhol's birthday party.

One more festive flashback came with the Andy Warhol birthday party at the Gershwin Hotel, where I stayed much longer than 15 minutes. There, I told performance artist Penny Arcade that in the otherwise enjoyable An Englishman in New York, Cynthia Nixon isn't quite abrasive enough as her. "You could also use the word 'charisma,' " she said. "Why would you have someone non-charismatic as me? But I hear she was not allowed to see any footage of me and Quentin Crisp. The only one the director wanted to meet was Sting! And what about the clothes? They used those ugly-assed clothes that nobody in the East Village wore in the '80s!" Make your bid!

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter's been accessorized against her will over at Air America's offices. While visiting there, I noticed that someone had generously put a Hitler mustache on a poster of the blonde motormouth. Heil, honey!

A tyrannical baby demands blood in the new genre film Grace, which is sort of like Rosemary's Baby meets Little Shop of Horrors, with eggs more cracked than Fabergés.

Ladd: From here to maternity
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Ladd: From here to maternity


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Mama has his own blog!

Playing the mama with bloody nipples is Jordan Ladd, who talked to me last week about the maternity mania that has rocked our patriarchal society.

"I don't know what this obsession with baby-making is," said Ladd. "I was born in the mid '70s. When we went out to the yard and fell and broke our arms, it was a badge of honor, a rite of passage. Society is far too concerned with overparenting now, and with when you should have babies and how many you should have. Being a divorced 34-year-old woman, I can't say I'm immune to that pressure. I'm reminded of it every time I pick up a tabloid: 'Oh shit, I'd better start now!' "

Jordan knows from scrutinized parenting—she happens to be the daughter of Cheryl Ladd from TV's Charlie's Angels—but she was protected from cameras as a child and was so young that she didn't understand that she'd landed in a showbiz dynasty. "But," she added, "I did have a moment when my mom was on The Muppet Show, and that was pretty exciting to me. Everyone knew Miss Piggy!"

Jordan, alas, never got to know Miss Farrah, but she's fully aware that "it's an awful story." So's the one about Ryan O'Neal unwittingly hitting on daughter Tatum at the funeral. "I'd hit on Tatum," said Jordan, laughing. "Are you kidding?"

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