Road Trip to Austin With Todd P

Scenes from the new doc starring NYC's premier DIY promoters

"I have a lot of footage of you going to hardware stores, buying lights, setting up floors," Buim tells Todd out on the stoop. "It doesn't really make the most exciting movie."

"What it's like to put on the shows? The details, all the mundane bullshit, is not very cinematic," Todd agrees. But the film "definitely, hopefully shows that it's a lot of fun. I'm sure it's pretty obvious to anyone watching that movie that, through a lot of it, I'm kind of stressed out and anxious. You see that, but you also see me have a good time, and you see all the staff that comes down with me have a good time—you see it being a good time. So, hopefully, that's inspirational to anybody who wants to do something. Whether it accurately captures the vibe I get or the experience I have putting on a show? Of course not. But I don't know. Could you film that? It's pretty boring to watch. It's mostly me working. And me telling other people how to work."

Buim is now busy organizing other screenings, pitching the flick to festivals, and hoping for a DVD release; Todd, of course, is still at it, plowing through the monotony to get to the ecstasy. "I think the strongest thing I've taken away from being part of the scene is that you can't worry about failing," he says. "You can't come up with excuses not to do things—you just need to work really hard and do what you feel you need to do. And from that, you can achieve what you want. I don't know if that sounds too 'Boys & Girls Club of America.' "

Polaroids from another long, strange trip: Todd P
Bridget Finn
Polaroids from another long, strange trip: Todd P
Kim, she of Matt and Kim
Bridget Finn
Kim, she of Matt and Kim

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