The new wave beat is back

Forget the astronomical-cover, lukewarm-sparkletini, headband-as-skirt clusterfucks in the meatpacking district every Thursday: This is the real ladies' night. Blondie. Pat Benatar. The Donnas ("Who?" say the blistered elderly—OK, they're Blondie denizens and buffed-up Runaways redux). And it's all free in a park deep in Brooklyn, for no apparent reason besides inciting nearby grammar schools into apoplectic shock. Actually, the new wave fiesta is the latest installment of the sublime Seaside Summer Concerts in the same venue, unpromoted outside the neighborhood and kept tightly under wraps 'til this exact moment, when we blew up their spot. But Debbie Harry would've wanted it this way.
Thu., Aug. 13, 7:30 p.m., 2009
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