A personal touch is attractive, but not when it veers into inappropriate humor or cringe-worthy oversharing. Earlier this year, white frat-rapper Asher Roth was demonized for making an ill-advised tweet about "hanging out with nappy headed hoes," while Kid Cudi penned a blog post claiming that the toll of celebrity was forcing him into premature retirement (unsurprisingly, he walked it back). The ease of blogging or Twittering begets a flippancy that may look even cheaper under scrutiny. "Rappers will make a bad joke or just have a bad day and express their frustration, and it becomes a heavily circulated story," says Wilson. "If you write some Twitters where you're just like, 'I'm feeling real depressed today,' then everybody has you on suicide watch. Sometimes, artists don't realize that everything they say on their Twitter page is on the record."

Charles Hamilton, hitting delete.
Charles Hamilton, hitting delete.

As blustery and sensitive a breed as they might be, rappers are not the only celebrities who have found social networking a mixed bag. In July, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor deleted his Twitter account after he and his girlfriend were repeatedly harassed by, as he put it, "unattractive plump females who publicly fantasize about having sex with guys in bands." Outside of music, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $25,000 for criticizing NBA officials on Twitter, while Pete Hoekstra, a U.S. Representative from Michigan, inadvertently revealed his location while traveling through Iraq and Afghanistan. Rule of thumb: Think first, post second. "Arrogance, negativity, and emotional rants where artists are complaining about private and confidential matters can cause issues," says Tracy Nguyen, a publicist who has worked with Nick Cannon, Kelis, and Ice Cube. "It can result in the type of press attention that perhaps they aren't seeking." Of course, if you live by the adage that all publicity is good publicity, you have nothing to fear—except maybe Jimmy Iovine.

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