Whit Stillman Speaks Eleven Years After His Last Film

Back in NY and . . . your guess is as good as ours

On his hesitance to screen Sevigny in Kids, Stillman 'fessed: "I really like watching [Production] Code movies. . . . I'm Mr. Breen's biggest fan." This love of "Hollywood's Censor" may imply a certain conservatism, but the articulacy, remorseless humor, class awareness, and Episcopalian conscience of Stillman's works convey a refined iconoclasm. He's a detail-driven craftsman of verbal filigree, in an industry of indie distributors concerned with marketable edge. Of recent "externally vérité" realism: "I don't think it's true. . . . I think we bring these emotions and aesthetic exultation to life as we observe it, instead of just having this critically negative camera covering things." The tragedy is, there'll be nothing even like Stillman's three films until he makes another. The chronicler of decline and fall seems guardedly optimistic: "I think it could be true that you are more imbued with nostalgia and regret when you're younger than when you're older. It's one of those perverse things."

No, The Last Days of Disco does not star Mike Myers.
Courtesy Criterion Collection
No, The Last Days of Disco does not star Mike Myers.

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