Gay Celebs Descend on Atlantic City!

Out and about, and then back here to walk in Nancy Sinatra's boots.

Good-looking in boots or otherwise, '60s icon Nancy Sinatra invited me to a Cipriani fundraiser for the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, which turned out to be a real education. MC Nathan Lane was a scream, cracking about Ernie Anastos's recent on-air gaffe: "Even Kanye West thought it was in poor taste." Lane also got in quips about the Sinatra school, saying, "It's across the street from the Billie Holiday Medical Center." Best of all, The Addams Family star introduced a speech by Bill Clinton, but the ex-prez didn't materialize right away. "He is coming," assured Lane. "It's not the first time you've heard that—but he is coming."

The Coen Brothers' A Serious Man came and proved to be a darkly funny peek at gefilte-fish-out-of-water Jews in the Midwest, where they seem as out of place as gays at Trump's Taj Mahal. The film premiered at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival at the Ziegfeld, where cineastes mixed with borscht belt comics over popcorn and wisecracks. Before the movie, the Friars' Freddie Roman introduced the Coens as "two Jewish boys who grew up in a hotbed of Judaism—St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In their synagogue, the cantor was Norwegian!" After the screening, that non-Scandinavian actor Fyvush Finkel cornered me to say, "I told the Coens: 'I'll be so good I'll put the "h" back in your names.' "

Italian-American kvetcher extraordinaire Joy Behar just put the HLN back on her résumé. She feted her new talk show on the channel with a TV-icon-filled Oak Room party, where she sat at a back table, when her feet started hurting. But Joy perked up when a waiter brought over some buffalo-chicken dumplings. "Ooh, baby!" gurgled the TV star. Not have much sex lately? "Good point," she replied, laughing. "After 27 years, the dumplings start to look good." So why her own show? Not get to talk enough on The View? "I'm going to have to interrupt myself," Joy said, grinning. Will she wear suspenders? "No," she answered, plainly.

The L Word's Rose Rollins, Kate French, Pam Grier, Mia Kirshner in Atlantic City
Tom Briglia/FilmMagic
The L Word's Rose Rollins, Kate French, Pam Grier, Mia Kirshner in Atlantic City


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More important, her thoughts on Mackenzie Phillips's consensual incest revelations? "It's so fucking awful," she said. "You spend your life avoiding your father." Still, she obviously didn't avoid him that much. But why wait for a book deal to spill this? "Maybe she needs the money," offered Joy. "If not, it could be payback, like Christina Crawford." "That one I believed," I muttered. "I believe them all!" said Joy, seductively eyeing another dumpling.

One last tidbit: I hear AOL might roll the dice and appeal to the lavender market by launching a big, gay website. They should call it "Gay-O-L." Ooh, baby.

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