Dressing Up RFK with Moon River and Me's Andy Williams

The crooner pens the memoir you sorta maybe were waiting for

What does Andy believe in now? Success, mostly. The existential questions that sometimes haunt him in the book ("Why wasn't I happy? Why wasn't I feeling well physically?") are always solved by disciplined action: rehearsal, another marriage, getting off Pritikin. Andy's always in for the big win. Even after RFK's death, he finds, "one good thing came out of that bitter experience for me . . . as we passed the Richard Gray Gallery, I caught a glimpse of a painting . . ." And, do you know, that painting was a Hans Hofmann, "recently valued over $1 million."

In short, Moon River and Me is Forrest Gump as outlined by Thomas Mann and written by Peggy Noonan, and it gave me more pleasure than any other book I've read this year. Get it soon from a remainder bin near you!

A Woody Allen appearance on The Andy Williams Show
Courtesy Viking
A Woody Allen appearance on The Andy Williams Show


Moon River and Me
By Andy Williams
Viking, 308 pp., $25.95


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