CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] According to psychologist Carl Jung, one of the most potent influences that our parents have on us is their unlived lives. Whatever dreams they didn't pursue are likely to worm their way into our core, often without our conscious awareness. There, they get mixed up with our own dreams and longings, causing us confusion about what we really want. The coming weeks will be a good time for you to get clear about this. You'll have the power to untangle your own deepest, truest desires from the muffled wishes your mommy and daddy deposited in you.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] "Awesome" has become a commonplace word that is used to express gladness about small triumphs and simple pleasures. Today, a woman at a café uttered an "Awesome!" when someone pointed out to her where she could find an outlet to plug in her laptop. Back in the old days, however, "awesome" was a portentous term invoked only rarely. "Awe" referred to an overwhelming feeling of wonder, inspiration, or even agitation in the face of a sublime or numinous experience. I expect you will experience more than your usual quota of both kinds of awesome.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] According to Leonardo da Vinci, you could magnify the power of your prayers by bathing in purple light. Back in his time, this was easiest to accomplish by standing near a church's stained-glass window that was tinted purple. Today, you can get the same effect with the help of a purple light bulb. Alternately, you could simply close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by a shimmering purple glow. PS: Experts in color theory say that purple nurtures the development of the imagination, which would be of great value to you as you tone and firm your devotional impulses.


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