Ann Marie Healy, whose What Once We Felt inaugurates Lincoln Center's LCT3 season (the Duke), has at least tried to create her own world, a sci-fi dystopia where men no longer exist and a tyrannical junta decides which women may or may not "download" a baby. As in her earlier work, produced by 13P last year, Healy shows promise and daring. Unhappily, she also shows glaring novice faults, like leaning too heavily on familiar models and grinding her dialogue into a rhythm-less, repetitive stasis, which Ken Rus Schmoll stages at a painfully plodding pace. A good cast works hard, but only Ellen Parker and Marsha Stephanie Blake manage, briefly, to get past the obstacles.

The last temptation of saphead? Idiot Savant
Joan Marcus
The last temptation of saphead? Idiot Savant

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