New York City Martini Crawl

In which we prowl the city sampling today's take on the most classic cocktail

For about $10 less, Employees Only (510 Hudson Street) makes an identically perfect specimen, although served in the presence of hipsters, not counts. Beefeater gets stirred with a generous amount of vermouth, and served in a large coupe glass with a centimeter's head room—making it possible to carry the drink across the room without slopping it all over, or being obliged to lower your head to the glass and slurp from the trough of alcohol before picking it up.

But for value and scenery, Jimmy's Corner (140 West 44th Street) prevails. At this worn-in Times Square joint, $6 buys you a martini that probably hasn't changed since the bar opened nearly 40 years ago. It's tiny by today's standards, and concocted with Fleischmann's, the first American-made gin, founded in 1870. Served nice and cold by the gruff lady bartender, it tastes like, well, gin. The bar's walls are jammed with black-and-white photos of boxers, and the long, narrow space is thronged with regulars. A handwritten sign on the wall politely suggests, "Let's not talk politics." Now that's civilized.

Gin + Times Square + boxers = Jimmy's Corner
Caleb Ferguson
Gin + Times Square + boxers = Jimmy's Corner

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