Globetrotting Gabriel Orozco Alights at MOMA

Señor Skymiles gets a big retrospective

Other older, large-scale pieces of Orozco's in MOMA's show still pack a punch worthy of this most global of Mexican champions. His most recognizable creation, a Citroen DS he sliced up in 1993 and reconfigured into a car-size bullet, remains a tour de force of artistic transformation. Ditto his deft rearranging of four bicycles into a block of rubber, plastic, and metal that suggests nothing less than an Amsterdam of movement. Everyday somethings that have their familiar meanings displaced while essentially retaining their basic identities, these art objects have their feet—or wheels, as the case may be—firmly on the ground in a way that Orozco's big fish does not. One is lifeless, the others speed away into perpetuity.

Another way to make a compact car: La DS, 1993
Florian Kleinefenn
Another way to make a compact car: La DS, 1993


Gabriel Orozco
The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53rd Street, 212-708-9400
Through March 1

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