Das Racist: Thanks, Internet!

Brooklyn's finest have a few thoughts on their online celebrity

Hype man's Addendum: I'm Ashok Kondabolu, known to most as Dap or the "hype man" for Das Racist. As a hype man, it's essential to bring the energy level of the crowd way, way down. This is a difficult task and requires an enormous amount of carbohydrates. Before a show, while my bandmates drink beer, I immediately start downing bowls of generic Frosted Shredded Wheat with an egg cracked on top of the fourth bowl. After the fourth bowl, I drink one lemon-lime Gatorade. This really pumps up my energy levels and allows me to really enjoy the train ride on the way to whatever venue is allowing us to play that night. In the dressing room, I usually play Enya or P.M. Dawn on my headphones. This allows me to clear my mind of all distractions, namely all the lyrics to Das Racist songs I'm paid $10 a show to remember.

We really want to bring the most unenjoyable experience possible to our fan base of tight pants, grifters, and shitheads—anything we can do to make people run to the bar while reminding them that they are participating in an ultimately degrading, debasing piece of performance art to whose significance none of us are privy, but which ultimately rests in the eye of a vengeful god that wants only destruction. I mean, give the people what they want, for Christ's sake!

Left to right: Suri, Kondabolu, and Vazquez
Jammi York
Left to right: Suri, Kondabolu, and Vazquez


Das Racist
"Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell," tie, #31 single

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