Lady Gaga Approximately

You can't be a fabulous pop star like her, no matter what she tells you

Gaga recently told MTV that she mocks fame to make it "more tangible" and "something that my fans can have for themselves." But then, of course, she'd be out of a job, and her pantheon would have to adopt an open-door policy. She inadvertently said it best when she told Entertainment Weekly, "There's nothing to understand about what I do. . . . The point is to make a point." That sounds like a big bunch of because-I-said-so, which works as doctrine, not as philosophy. Gaga has yet to truly wrap her head around herself. When she drops the shtick and gets serious, she proves to be not very good at not performing. (Her act is too precise for her to get away with calling her sloppy rhetoric part of it.) Maybe she's too self-starstruck for levity. Maybe we should be happy that she excels where she does, tune out her musings, and leave the cultural criticism for the critics. We can't expect too much from her. After all, she's just a pop star.

Lady Gaga plays Radio City Music Hall January 20–21 and 23–24

She's not necessarily looking for attention here.
Heidi Slimane
She's not necessarily looking for attention here.


Lady Gaga
"Bad Romance," #7 single
"Paparazzi," #11 single
"Poker Face," #13 single

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