Kathy Griffin Addresses Anderson Cooper's Sexuality!

Gaga for Gaga! And that Steve Buscemi—what a character!

Meanwhile, chatty Kathy Griffin may have toasted Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve with the F-word, but she still won't use the G-word around him. She was just asked about Coop's sexuality by DCAgenda.com and she stayed cutely dodgy about it. The interviewer quoted me as a souse—I mean, a source—then wondered, "With allegations of Cooper's sexual orientation in constant flux, did CNN prohibit you from any sexuality jokes in regards to Cooper?" Rather than shriek, " 'Allegations?' Being gay is not a crime!" Griffin replied: "Anderson has this great line where he says, 'I don't want to be the news, I want to report the news.' And so that's why, even though I'm the biggest mouth in the world, I actually don't talk about his personal life, because you have to keep in mind he goes into third-world countries where it's a very different culture, so, you know."

Well, that says it all about his sexual leanings. You know how heterophobic third-world countries can be.

Buscemi: Always on a role
Adam Nemser/PHOTOlink.net/ newscom
Buscemi: Always on a role


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