"It's sort of urban white noise," he assesses, the patter of a washing machine clattering peaceably in the mix next to the winter lull of Wyckoff Avenue. Across the house, a tea kettle goes off. "It works best for psychedelic sampling," he adds, explaining his process of mixing directly onto hieroglyphically labeled cassettes, to be used in projects like his band Woods, where a tape deck is Crane's main ax.

Crane's roommate, Showpaper editor Joe Ahearn, emerges from his bedroom. While Crane was on tour with Woods, Ahearn appropriated the system, known as the Party Lab, for more traditional use: a series of live recordings by bands playing in the kitchen, including Knyfe Hyts and Soft Circle. Ahearn has crossed paths with NYCTaper, too: "Oh, yeah, he did some pro bono work when [Bushwick venue] Market Hotel got in trouble," he remembers.

"It's small potatoes at my job," says Lynch, who praises the vast network of shows put on by DIY impresario Todd P at Market Hotel and myriad other spots. "I like the freedom of doing the Todd shows," he notes, his presence around that scene and many others no less informed by utter enthusiasm than Crane, Smith, or anyone who ever hit Record: an echo trailing, maybe for decades.

Dan Lynch, finder of nooks
Ted Barrow
Dan Lynch, finder of nooks

The 'Jazz Loft Project' exhibit opens at the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center on February 17. Party Lab recordings are available at partylab.swillchildren.org

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