Ryan Seacrest Whipped By Women!

Raven O and I exchange wisecracks. Plus the Miss'd America contest in Atlantic City.

It was all super-fun and buzzy until I picked up the Philadelphia Inquirer and read their take on why the lavender market is being targeted in that oft-resistant neck of the woods: "With gambling dollars in epic decline, marketing to the gay community has become a priority in a town with a historically vibrant gay culture." What—so we're basically back-of-the-bus? A last resort for the last resort? How dare you fuckers! All right, I'll take it.

In New York, drag star Dame Edna and piano man Michael Feinstein stepped to the forefront and held a press meet-and-greet for their upcoming two-diva show, All About Me. Edna—a vision in pink and fuchsia—announced, "Michael and I are going to re-enact our conflicts on the stage of this unusually named theater. What's it called again?" "The Henry Miller Theater," said Feinstein. "Oh, yes," chirped Edna. "The man who wrote Tropic of Cancer. A pornographer! It's the only New York theater named after a smut peddler." I guess she's not aware of Ethel Barrymore's occasional side gigs.

I ran into gossip peddler Chelsea Handler at the East Side Social Club—well, actually, I heard she was having dinner there, so I booked the adjacent table, and fortunately, she wasn't that appalled. It turned out the TV host was having her second dinner that evening. She'd just shared bread with her ex-rabbi, whom she and her sister found through that great equalizer, Facebook. And only the night before, she'd added a "t" to "rabbi" by eating at the Breslin, the trendy boîte for upscale barbarians at the Ace Hotel. "Don't go," Chelsea warned me. "I don't want a shin for dinner!" Me neither. I'd rather heat up some tacos and buzz around the apartment like a crazy bird!

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