Blind Items About Predatory Lesbians!

And playing with cocks and beavers at the Museum of Sex.

And now, kindly get behind me—yes, that way—and let's play a sexy game of blind man's bluff. Or blind items about men in the bluff—I mean, the buff. And I'm not just bluffing (or leaving out women, either).

Which married Oscar winner gets regularly serviced by a female dominatrix in a West Village bordello? Which fiftysomething singer supposedly threw a fit over a technical problem on a morning show and, as a result, other such programs are terrified to book her? Which downtown gym is so vigilant about sex that they have a fully clothed Mexican man burst into the steam room every three minutes or so to make sure there's no whoopee going on in the mist? Who got hush money for having been abused by that superstar and went on to become a reality-show personality who was credited with breaking up a major relationship (though I never believed much in the relationship anyway)?

Which r&b singer who everyone thinks is a lesbian is a lesbian? Which hip-hop lady came on to a married mother of three, ripping open her jacket and trying to dive on her face with tongue out? (The woman was mildly appalled.) Which big new star is obsessed with a guy described as "a dirty bartender" and a lot of her songs are aimed directly at him, though he still won't give her a proverbial free cocktail? Who just told me she's on a low-glycemic index and wakes up craving apple juice? (Free answer: Kelly Osbourne.) And can I please tell you about the belongings I generously gave to be auctioned off for Haiti? Hello? Hello?

Waltzing to an Oscar
Waltzing to an Oscar


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