After an SSA took M.M. back into the classroom to get her jacket and bookbag, "he then handcuffed her in the hallway. Because classes were changing, other students and staff could see M.M. being escorted, handcuffed . . . through the building. M.M. repeatedly complained that the handcuffs were hurting her, but the School Safety Officer refused to loosen them—even when a school official requested that they be loosened."

Back in the small security office, frightened and crying, M.M. asked that her mother be called, but the armed regular member of the NYPD refused. M.M., ordered to take off her shoes and sweater, was subjected to a pat-down search. And her bookbag was searched. No school officials were in the room as witnesses. On these matters, Klein and his boss, the mayor, have turned the schools over to Kelly's surrogates.

By then, M.M. and her friend, still handcuffed, were taken to the police precinct after M.M. saw a cop shove her friend so hard into a police car that he fell. He was a perpetrator.

Guys in suits: Bloomberg and Kelly
Guys in suits: Bloomberg and Kelly

Waiting at the precinct, M.M.'s mother watched as manacled M.M. was brought in, disheveled, jacket falling off, shoelaces untied, crying, pleading, "Mommy, get me out of here!" She and her fellow suspect were taken to another room, handcuffed to a bench, fingerprinted, and photographed. Did they get Miranda warnings? Of course not—they were in school being protected from recidivism by Ray Kelly's School Safety Officers and other uniformed police.

To assure himself that M.M. realized the seriousness of her infraction, the arresting officer threatened to put her and her accomplice into the general jail population with, he said, "the killers and murderers" there: "You are going to have to scream, and you'll be lucky if anyone comes to help you."

To make sure the lesson of her unruly actions had sunk in, this member of New York's Finest asked, "You scared? You scared?"

Somehow, in her cage, M.M. fell asleep for several hours—to be awakened by that same colleague of Commissioner Kelly yelling: "Nobody cares about you in here! In school, people care. Nobody cares in here! This is real life. You all going to get in trouble for what you all do!"

Will Michael Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, and the ghostly Joel Klein get in any trouble for what they didn't do after handing this city's public schools over to the police? I'll keep you informed.

According to the lawsuit, "M.M. continues to fear the NYPD at her school. She feels that they will subject her to unlawful seizures, arrests, excessive force, and harassment in the future."

M.M. has certainly learned her lesson of fearing the police.

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