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At the same bash, I ran into gay songwriter/producer Desmond Child, who's rich and happy; last year alone, he wrote Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas" and executive-produced Bon Jovi's The Circle album, thank you. But the Grammy winner mainly wanted to talk about his children, one of whom is named Nyro Child after the great Laura Nyro. "He's gonna kill me when he finds out he's named after a lesbian folk singer," said Desmond, laughing. "He's the butchest little thing." So was Laura Nyro!

Some straight theater popped up this week, too, but I assure you the characters just happen to be straight. There's that revival of The Miracle Worker, but I'm certainly not going to be tasteless enough to work in some segue here about my "blind items." But I will say that some people on the boards were complaining last week about obstructed views in certain seats, which made me wonder if that might be a directorial choice to force the audience to experience Helen Keller's sight impairment firsthand.

My seat was actually fine, and I found that the production has integrity and nice lighting, but lacks some needed fire. As a friend remarked, "Abigail Breslin looks like she never had a tantrum in her life." (Well, maybe when she lost the Oscar.)

Role with the punches: Steggert
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Role with the punches: Steggert


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At least that production is well-appointed; apparently, we might be visited by even more of the scaled-back revivals I alluded to before, at tip-top prices, naturally. I have mixed feelings about a Sweet Charity where the audience screams with laughter when they hear "Big Spender" and an Evita where they guffaw when she croons, "Although I'm dressed up to the nines. . . ." They should give her a new song called "I'm Poor and Happy!"

But let's lift our bottled wawa in a toast to Philadephia, which has good theater, a fun "gayborhood," a fab flower show, and a big Picasso exhibit at the Art Museum. I learned all of this on a gala press junket there last weekend, along with other gay players like Brandon Voss. (Not the Brandon Voss who's a gay promoter. This one is an Advocate writer who gets a lot of misguided calls asking for a guest list.) Oh, and they have great hotels, too—like the one where the blactress . . . oh, just refer back up to your favorite paragraph.

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