Welcome Back, Courtney Love

The return of 'Hole' whether you like it or not, you little suck shits

It's absolutely bizarre, bordering on self-parody, like Julianne Moore's Boston accent on 30 Rock, except serious. Through headphones, it's nearly unbearable, though during a mid-April listening party at Fall Out Boy–affiliated bar Angels & Kings, that feigned nasal rasp didn't sound so bad. But the joint's speakers couldn't save the despairing soliloquy "Letter to God"—woof. Linda Perry supposedly wrote this as a sequel to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful," but it sounds like a cruel prank, with Love the too-proud Emperor, Perry the swindling weaver, and this heaven-sent telegram sewn from a brilliance everyone else is allegedly too stupid to see. It reminds me of Kermit the Frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green."

See Hole live. You will be entertained. Don't worry: They'll play much of what you want to hear, including the exhilaratingly perfect scream-along "Violet"; the fist-pumping, trash-culture-skewering "Celebrity Skin"; and, if you're lucky, the enraged, Kim Gordon–produced triumph "Pretty on the Inside." Nor will Love not disappoint with her reliably loony onstage banter: At that SXSW performance, the widow Cobain concluded Daughter's "Pacific Coast Highway" thus: "I like that song. It reminds me of sex. You know, fucked-up hate sex. Like when you punch. You guys know what I'm talking about, when you fuck someone and then you PUNCH them right in the middle of it: 'I fucking hate YOOUUUUUU! Yeah, this is so good, OK, baby, FUCK YOU!' "

Courtney Love "is the girl who won't shut up," Deborah Frost wrote in these pages back in 1992. "She is all the things that should not be, and she shoves it, raw, right in your face." Chaos begets chaos theory, and in 18 years, nothing about her has really changed—and that is exactly the point.

In your face
Nate "Igor" Smith
In your face

cdodero@villagevoice.com, Twitter/camilledodero

Hole play Terminal 5 April 27 and 28. Both shows are sold out.

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