'Sex and the City 2' Gay Dish!

At newest Chelsea gay bar, baseball and beer. Plus: Broadway and bears

Liza also popped up in Jane Krakowski's act at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency, when the 30 Rock co-star segued from remarks about celebs at Studio 54 into "Wacky Dust," a coke song that kept getting more frenetically giddy until the audience was floating with her. A human Hirschfeld drawing, Krakowski was scampy and delightful—a modern-day Lorelei Lee, whether singing about bounty hunting for millionaires or lusting for handy men who trim the rough edges off her front lawn. A highlight was a new version of the name-dropping song "Zip," with Twitter-related lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. For example, "Tweet: Kristin Chenoweth's back on Broadway, how sweet/Tweet: Someone sit her down and force her to eat." There were also rhymes about Ricky Martin's admission that he's gay ("You could hear the yawn in space—so they say") and any boy who watches Glee with mom ("Chances are he'll take a boy to the prom").

And finally, like a good gay, let me segue from a Tony winner to talking about the upcoming Tony Awards, a/k/a the Gay Super Bowl for those who unashamedly wear briefs. After many years of dissing gigantic movie and TV stars as useless slummers and wannabes, the nominators finally decided to honor them big time, showering Denzel, Kelsey, Sean, Catherine Zeta, and ScarJo with nominations they might have been deprived of in the past. This is basically because: (a) They were good; and (b) The economy is so shot to hell that the theater community is wildly grateful to anyone who sells lots of tickets.

Between that dazzle factor and the elimination of a huge batch of objective voters (writers like myself), the voting might be more mercenary than usual this time around. And that will be critical when it comes to Best Musical, which is boiling down to a race between Fela! and Memphis. The former is a bio-musical about the real roots of black music and the other is a feel-good show about an incredibly noble fictionalized white guy who gives black music a break in America. Not surprisingly, most people are betting on Memphis to win. I guess it's for real men.

Bear market: Barbecue on the roof of the Eagle
Robert Valin
Bear market: Barbecue on the roof of the Eagle


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