Bromo Satay House Serves up East Java

Queens now tastes a little more like fermented shrimp paste

On such a wide-ranging menu, it's inevitable that some dishes will disappoint. All the soups we tried had thin, salty broths that tasted like they were made from bouillon cubes. The nasi campur—rice with portions of several dishes on the side—is undistinguished, as are most of the noodles. But go for the stewed beef, the satays, the salads, and grilled fish, and raise your glass of condensed milk and grass jelly to Mount Bromo, puffing smoke so far away.

A fine way to stick it to meat
Caleb Ferguson
A fine way to stick it to meat

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Bromo Satay House

8325 Broadway
Flushing, NY 11373

Category: Restaurant > Indonesian

Region: Elmhurst


Bromo Satay House
83-25 Broadway, Elmhurst

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