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A lot of them resurfaced for Sunday's Gay Pride festivities, which auspiciously started with me sitting on a Hudson Street stage to judge the first annual Pet Pride contest along with Project Runway's Jack Mackenrouth and Last Comic Standing's Michele Balan. Five dogs were trotted out in rainbow sweaters and chiffon snoods, all of them looking uncomfortable in the heat, especially the winner, Muffin, when the ditzy drag MC wrongly announced her as the second runner-up! Michael Vick should have read her.

Then came the parade of humans, all of whom were fanning themselves with Cher and Christina Aguilera masks, which were handed out to promote the upcoming camp classic Burlesque. That studio truly knows its audience—but isn't a mask of Cher a little redundant?

Florent, the drag-friendly restaurant that defined the Meatpacking District, is the subject of David Sigal's documentary Florent: Queen of the Meat Market, which premiered to kudos last week at the NYC Food Film Festival. As performer Murray Hill said to restaurateur Florent Morellet that night, "Your food was filled with trans fat. That's a double entendre! It's a big loss, but I lost something else—seven pounds." Not me. There was a food reception for the film, then I went to a restaurant, and then I came back for the movie and the after-dinner.

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At MOMA, there was a dinner/showing of Great Directors, a documentary that looks into the triumphs and challenges of various arthouse auteurs. The result has some lovely stuff, but feels so scattershot it leads you to think this film's director might not join them in the pantheon. As David Lynch explains in the film, a movie shouldn't really be talked about—"It's the whole thing, and it is there, and that is it." But fortunately, he talks anyway.

I'm off to another bachelorette party. I hope I don't get violent.


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