Talking With The Kids Are All Right Director Lisa Cholodenko

About making a traditional (lesbian) domestic comedy for the sperm-donor age

It's been seven years since the success of Cholodenko's Laurel Canyon, a mid-to-mainstream indie about hetero liberation with a mild subtext of fluid sexual identity. For reasons I can't divulge without spoiling, that fluidity is openly explored in The Kids Are All Right, in a way that may offend not the radical right so much as the politicized lesbian feminists of Cholodenko's generation (she's 46) who pioneered the acceptance of gay life. "I come from that place," she says. "In a different era, it was important that you knew to stay with the women and the cause and all that nonsense. I'm sympathetic to people who feel super-politicized about this, but for me, that just feels dated."

Lisa Cholodenko
Suzanne Tenner
Lisa Cholodenko
Cholodenko and her stars, Bening and Moore
Suzanne Tenner
Cholodenko and her stars, Bening and Moore

The Kids Are All Right will play just fine with a new generation of Glee and American Idol watchers who take the fuzzy borders between gay and straight in stride. And how will Cholodenko's son react to the film? "It's hard to say," she says. "I hope he doesn't see it till he's old enough to get it, and I hope in some way he'll be proud and not embarrassed."

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