The Brilliant Stupidity of The-Dream

Love King continues the r&b lothario's streak of making terrible ideas sound like genius

The lesson here, as nearly always, is that Nash is at his greatest when taking himself the least seriously. Love King has an EP's worth of digital bonus tracks, the most telling of which is "Take Care of Me," which he pegged in an interview as his best song ever, and indeed sounds like someone trying to write his best song ever, essentially a stadium-rock power ballad (clear predecessor: Coldplay's "Violet Hill") that finds our hero bellowing "I will break you down" as if he's trapped in the Thunderdome or something. You know what's a better Dream song? "Cry," which he allegedly wrote in under an hour—as close to freestyling as an r&b guy generally gets—for his Twitter followers in very late 2009. (No, seriously: "This is for my Twitter page," it begins.) It's repetitive and meandering and clearly half-assed and—you guessed it—fantastic. Let us conclude with perhaps the most romantic lines ever written:

'Cause all the ones before told you they loved you
But I'm tellin' you
I really fuckin' love you, girl
And all the ones before have told you you were beautiful
But I really think you're fuckin' beautiful, girl

Hopefully that's not a toy license plate.
Courtesy Def-Jam Records
Hopefully that's not a toy license plate.

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