Ray 'Stop-and-Frisk' Kelly for Mayor?

When will New Yorkers see past Kelly's personal charm and notice his thuggish methods?

Socialite, mugger
David Shankbone
Socialite, mugger

Mr. Mayor, the least you could do—as this and the other federal case against you and Ray Kelly wind through the courts—is to present the keys to the City of New York to Mr. Lino and the other plaintiff, Daryl Khan—and a group of other thoroughly innocent New Yorkers deprived of their constitutional rights and liberties at the command of our rock star Police Commissioner. And you ought to have sets of keys to the city made for the NYCLU legal staff, including its nonpareil communications director, Jennifer Carnig. Also, as a teaching moment, invite some of the schoolkids bullied and beaten by Ray Kelly’s School Safety Agents.

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