Sizzling Blind Gossip Items for Days!

Bening and Moore have got their lesbian shtick down.

And so: Which fashion publicist texted that gay club regular: "What about our sexy lunch date Friday? Will you be the dessert at my apartment after lunch? Hahaha"? When the sex relationship didn't work out, which same flack texted the guy epithets involving words like "kike" and "ugly, pencil dick"? Isn't this even worse than you'd expect from a fashion publicist?

Which departed gay party promoter poignantly enough owed tons of gay rent money when he died? Which composer doesn't bathe or change clothes much and generally smells like month-old fish? (People who've put him up for weekends have noted that—but they're still honored to have him, mind you.) Which ex-supermodel once threw a pair of scissors at her hairdresser because she didn't like her 'do? (She wisely handed him some settlement cash on the spot to avoid any judicial vengeance.)

Which old-time star has emerged as a big lesbian in her twilight years, and no one's all that surprised? Which monthly magazine that owes a major contributor $30,000 just nobly sent him a check for $500, acting like that pretty much settles it? Which superstar's son is now a blowsy-looking crystal addict, sadly enough?

All that jizz: Donor Ruffalo
Suzanne Tenner
All that jizz: Donor Ruffalo


La Daily Musto
Michael's got his own blog!

Which composernot the one who smells—nixed an all-skating finale to his latest revival? (For the revival before that, he vetoed a big geisha number, even after all the hugely expensive costumes were made. I'm not saying he was wrong, though.) Which Tony winner has a lot of cynics speculating that she was coked out of her mind judging from her behavior all season, though there's no hard evidence of that? Which smart person who worked on the last Tony telecast is running around blabbing about how horrible Lea Michele was in her performance?

Which hot mess was going to have reality show cameras following one of her recent creative endeavors, but she must have realized they were setting her up to fail, so she didn't sign? Which stars are more smacked out on heroin than Janis Joplin ever was, and the studio is getting a little worried? Which playwright/screenwriter spends most of his time bitching out the Hollywood system and how it done him wrong? Might he have a point? Can newspapers please stop writing articles about the sudden return of the club kid aesthetic? (It's been going on for four whole years, thank you!) Why are men such pigs? Please tell me, oh Pony and Chicken.

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