The Hottest Guy in NYC Is Semi-Available!

Geronimo puts the go back in go-go. We talk about it.

I'm hearing that another high-heeled scene personality from Canada, Ladyfag, just got approved for her paperwork to stay in the States—and she didn't shy away from telling them she goes by the name Ladyfag! Immigration is getting very innovative and progressive these days.

In other Lady talk, I recently observed a very young brother and sister carrying on in front of their mother at a discount store, so I plugged up my mouth with an ostrich egg and stopped to take notes. When the boy spotted a rack of fashion sunglasses, he shriekingly grabbed a glitzy pair of them and tried them on. "Lady Gaga wears dark glasses," he gushed. "Look, I'm Lady Gaga!" "She's a girl," snarled the sister, looking ready to choke his neck. See what kind of sickness has swept the country, thanks to this heathen woman and her outfits? It's fabulous!

In the theater, trends come in twos these days, which must explain why I just encountered a pair of Off-Broadway musicals with Biblical characters, both trying to juggle sardonic humor with a serious story about the quest for human connection. Alas, smartass jokes don't mix with sentiment any easier when you throw in the good book. At the York, Falling for Eve has dull patches that suggest Eve is right when she says this is far from paradise, though it comes at you with confidence, and a couple of nice songs put some shine on the apple. But over at the Vineyard, the soul-selling tuner I'll Be Damned looked like it couldn't hold a novena candle to Damn Yankees. I tempted fate by leaving at intermission.

Prize winner: Geronimo at Bowlmor
Andrew Werner
Prize winner: Geronimo at Bowlmor


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Here's some dish for devout Broadway worshippers: Though Patti LuPone did a reading of the musical version of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown earlier this year, she supposedly turned the actual show down, but now I'm hearing she's having second thoughts about that. Is Patti on the verge of doing an original musical?

As has been reported, Catherine Zeta-Jones dropped out of another role in that very show when she was asked to audition. "It was weird," director Bartlett Sher just told Playbill's Harry Haun. "All we wanted to do was hear her sing—make sure that everything suited her voice—and she canceled at the last moment." Bossy bottom alert!

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