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Theater & Performing Arts
Hips don’t lie, but their vocabulary is rather limited. If you’d like yours to become more articulate, perhaps even multilingual, you can visit the ongoing world of dance and music classes at Lotus Music and Dance Studio in Chelsea. Special workshops and weekly courses teach you to shake it in a variety of traditions, including Korean Traditional Dance, Odissi, Flamenco, Kathak, Belly Dance, Bulgarian Folk Dance, and Men’s Hula.

Acting is tremendous fun, but doesn’t typically provide much of a cardiovascular workout—ComedySportz may be the exception. Relying on a fast-paced improvisational format, it puts two teams of performers through various high-impact games. Once a month, these pros open up the floor of the Broadway Comedy Club to interested amateurs, offering classes in fleet-footed, pulse-pounding, quick-thinking comedy.

Think your life is undramatic? Think again. Beginning on Wednesday, August 4, the Brecht Forum will host a week-long 27-hour workshop in which each participant will be asked to share a personal experience and see it transformed into theater. The final evening’s performance will help students to “learn from our successes and our missed opportunities.”

Gowanus doesn’t typically lead the list of chic neighborhoods (unless Superfund sites are your idea of cool), but the Textile Arts Center is a stylish edition that might help residents become more fashionable, too. This fall, the center offers a six-week course in which students learn sewing basics and build modish togs such as a tote bag and matching wallet, skirt, or apron.

Do runway shows inspire you with uncontrollable envy? Can you not pass the windows of Bergdorf’s without an outbreak of covetousness? Consider taking a low-budget approach to your high fashion dreams by enrolling in some of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s haute couture classes. Fall offerings include “Haute Couture Sewing Techniques” and “Haute Couture Decorative Techniques and Embellishment.”

Interior. Middle Shot. A creative writing classroom. Move to close-up on the author of How to Write a Screenplay in 10 Weeks and The Four Magic Questions of Screenwriting. Writer Marilyn Horowitz has launched The Screenplay Class, a nine-week Upper West Side course for a maximum of 10 students focused on “analyzing producer’s notes and coverage, solving long-term structure and character issues, and improving dialogue and pacing.”

If you feel your name ought to be included the next time the New Yorker devotes an issue to 20 Writers Under 40 or Granta publishes its Best of Young American Novelists, consider enrolling in the one-year non-MFA program at the Writer’s Institute at CUNYs Graduate Center, where editors at both of these esteemed publications are on the faculty. The institute recently added a fiction program to complement its nonfiction offerings.

Art & Architecture
Cooper Union recently unveiled a new academic building that it says embodies “sustainability, durability, and flexibility” (though architecture critic Francis Morrone called it “one of the most violent building designs I’ve ever seen”). Concurrently, the school has announced continuing education programs in green architecture. Fall offerings include “Low Carbon Architecture,” “Sustainable Construction materials,” and “The Ecological City.”

New York real estate doesn’t lend itself much to gardening. Most of us are limited to the occasional windowsill or tar-papered roof. But if you dream of creating more lavish urban oases, sign up for a course in landscape design at the Columbia University School of Continuing Education. Fall course offerings include “History and Theory of Gardening and Landscape Design” and “Plant Materials: Woody Trees and Shrubs.”

Film & Video
Should your cinematic predilections tend away from realism and more toward blowing shit up, consider satisfying your inner auteur with a course in “Shooting Green Screen” at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies in Midtown. In this four-session class, students will learn to capture digital video images and then add in all the flying saucers and peckish dinosaurs.

For Children & Teens
If your precocious tot has already demanded organic apple juice and humanely raised chicken nuggets, you can entertain your budding locavore with the Dyckman Harvest at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum on August 8. The Inwood farmhouse was built in 1784 and now plays host to numerous educational programs. At this event, kids will help harvest vegetables from the Kitchen Garden and receive seeds with which to grow their own.

Let’s say your youngster speaks in rather garbled tones and enjoys inventing unexpected delays for his train set. Clearly, he or she is destined for a career with the MTA. To begin that training early, the New York Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn offers educational programs for kids ages three and up. Events include a virtual tour of Long Island’s Waterfront towns, building a model of the Manhattan Bridge, and “Be a fare collection agent for a day.”

Food & Drink
Perhaps you adore pizza, but are a bit embarrassed at how those cardboard cartons have piled up in your recycling bin. If so, consider the weekly classes at the Pizza a Casa: Pizza Self-Sufficiency Center. Held in a Lower East Side classroom-cum-storefront, this hands-on course balances “pizza facts with pizza fun,” rendering a homemade version of this treat as easy as mozzarella-di-bufala-topped pie.

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