Our Roundtable on Bravo's Art Reality Show

'Work of Art' gets its own 'crit' from three Village Voice writers

Schwendener: Why don't you answer the question? Do you think it's worthwhile?

Viveros-Fauné: I was once partial to the idea. I love meetings between art and life and am also charmed by the idea of art gaining a greater public. But for those very reasons, I really hate this show.

Baker: You hate it? Why?


Viveros-Fauné: Because with the exception of Jerry Saltz—who represents himself well—this show proves the ultimate hair-gellification of art with the added insult that the art world is, once again, helping tart up its own portrait.

Baker: But here's a question: Bravo calls you and says, "Christian, you know the art world—help me put together this show." What do you do?

Schwendener: Let's back up, because I thought the question you were going to ask was: "Would you go on?"

Viveros-Fauné: And the answer is, yes, I would have. The real reason I hate the show is that I think they cocked it up.

Baker: Well, one thing you can say is that TV and art are pretty much antithetical. The contemplation, the time you need, the nimbus that is art doesn't play on TV.

Schwendener: Not with this format. Again, Christian, remind me what you hate about the show?

Viveros-Fauné: I hate wasted opportunities.

Schwendener: Got it.

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