Fuck-Buddy Nostalgia in The People I've Slept With


The People I've Slept With
Directed by Quentin Lee
People Pictures
Opens August 13, Clearview Chelsea

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Angela (Karin Anna Cheung) is a proud party-girl who, as this yarn begins, is in the practice of getting raw-dogged in bar bathrooms by strangers. She's gotta have it—chlamydia, that is—but it's an unplanned pregnancy that sets director Quentin Lee's self-distributed indie in motion. As it happens, Angela keeps homemade collector's cards of her conquests, and, soliciting the help of Ricky from My So-Called Life, she revisits the various caricatures who've strewn seed inside of her in recent memory, including a big-schlonged stalker, a two-pump chump, and a bend-over boyfriend. In hysterics yet? Head and shoulders above this rabble is possible-father Jefferson Lee (Archie Kao), who's also in the running for City Council. He's a Republican, but totally great at making homemade pizza, and tells Angela encouraging things like, "You know you really should show your art" (she shouldn't). When all's done, Angela has learned a challenging moral to pass along to her baby: "The most important thing is: You do what you want." If this advice is followed, no one will finish The People I've Slept With, which has notably liberated itself from the fusty tradition that a sex comedy should either titillate or tickle an audience.

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