Sandow also begged off all questions. The 2008 memo states that when she was asked under oath about where she was living prior to being hired by the board in 2005, she remembered clearly it was in New City in Rockland County. Asked if she'd voted then, she drew a blank. Investigators helped her out by checking the records. These showed that during the time she said she was living in New City, she had managed to vote regularly in the Bronx.

None of that is "relevant to her ability to serve as deputy executive director," said board spokeswoman Valerie Vasquez last week. The board "has full confidence in Dawn," who has "performed professionally and efficiently," she added.

It wasn't always so sure. When investigators raided the Bronx office back in 2007, sparking newspaper stories, board officials cringed, fearing scandal and indictments. Part of what investigators were examining, it was acknowledged, was Sandow's close ties to Jay Savino, the chairman of the Bronx Republican Party.

Morgan Schweitzer

Savino once held the post as the Bronx GOP's representative on the elections board, but he gave it up to run for the State Senate in 2006. These appointments have to be approved by the City Council, and when Savino tried to reclaim his seat after losing the election, Council officials said nothing doing. They said they couldn't figure out where he lived. Savino also has a home in Rockland County, although he claims his actual residence as the Bronx.

These days, Savino has a law practice in White Plains. He shares office space there with an attorney named Anthony Mangone, who, as it happens, was a lobbyist for the company that won the hard-fought battle to supply those shiny new electronic voting machines we're going to try out next month. The day after the board's vote to choose the new vendor, Mangone was arrested in a separate bribery investigation. Savino has acknowledged that he got his own subpoena in the elections-machine probe.

The last time I saw Savino was this spring at a Republican campaign event. Sandow was there, too. Both were happy to chat, handing out business cards to make keeping in touch easier. Last week, both ducked calls. No offense taken, though. After all, in Bizarro World, this is how you say, "Hello."

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