Deerhoof: now a learning experience

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If all those emphatically coiffed politicians are so worried about our nation's children, they need simply to look to Deerhoof, the finest role models experimental post-rock has to offer. The San Francisco quartet's 2004 album Milk Man, a delightfully dense concept album based on artist Ken Kagami's banana-impaled cartoon character, earned raves for its chilly, Byzantine structures and enthralling, shuffling pulses . . . and, more astoundingly, it inspired a troupe of elementary school kids in North Haven, Maine, to stage an honest-to-God interpretive ballet of flailing limbs, white costumes, and flying orbs. Adorable and avant-garde! How will these kids notturn out all right? With Father Murphy.
Wed., Oct. 13, 9 p.m., 2010

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