Best Of NYC: Worrying About Nicki Minaj

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The best thing about living in New York in fall 2010 is worrying about her Nicki Minaj's debut
by Rob Harvilla

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Partytown, USA: Thank gay promoter Josh Wood
by Michael Musto

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Our critics list their 10 favorite dishes
by Robert Sietsema, Sarah DiGregorio, and Rebecca Marx

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How a Chock Full o' Nuts opening means the City's back
by Tom Robbins

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What $150 can get you in NYC
by Angela Ashman

Sports & Recreation
We're the greatest sports city in the worldóand proud of it
by Allen Barra

Could be, though. Could be, could be, could be. If anticipating Pink Friday turns out to have been more fun than actually listening to it, it would still be a rare gift for hip-hop devotees in this particular part of the world. “I love New York City!” Van Der Beek declares at the end of the Trachtenberg video—that’s not something you hear people say too often on a national stage, in 2010, when it comes to rap. What a strange place to hear it again. Could be the start of a delirious love affair.

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