Best of NYC: Thank Gay Party Promoter Josh Wood

Partytown, USA

Me: Ever have a bad party?

Wood: Having a party where no one comes is the worst feeling in the world. You want to die. It can be the weather, a competing party, or a shitty venue and a terrible idea. Some things work and some don’t. A lot of it is nightlife magic. I said no two or three times to the Park because it didn’t seem fresh and I didn’t think it would work. My boyfriend thought it would be good. Everyone loves that venue and it seemed like long enough since the last time they were there. But I tried to get a big, monthly Saturday dance party at (le) poisson rouge off the ground and that didn’t work. Sometimes a room doesn’t have the right spirit. If you go out a lot, you can feel a good room or a bad room once the people are in it.

Me: Has an event ever worked out and then the club itself destroyed it anyway?


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Wood: Yes! Kenny Kenny and I threw a party called Sebastian [at the Madison] in 2008. It was like the last days of disco, right before the club went down. The owners used to literally lock themselves in the office at night and pretend they weren’t there, so they wouldn’t have to give us money. We’d be banging on the door early in the morning. At the end, they owed us like $10,000.

Me: Any other horror stories? How awful are disco divas, comics, and other needy performers you’ve worked with?

Wood: A couple of them were really angry people. When it’s late in their career, they get anxious about their performance, so they take it out on everyone. Once the downward spiral sets in, they’re horrible!

Me: Yikes. You’ve faced some real hideousness in order to create such fun. Still love your job?

Wood: Yes! I love waking up and figuring out how to throw an event.

Me: God bless America.

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