Just a few floors up, dorm life among his King's College classmates had convinced Rafa Moshin, a Muslim who had applied to King's because he had delayed applying to colleges and King's offered rolling admissions, that he had made a mistake. Early that morning, some King's College students had visited his room with cupcakes and muffins decorated with "crosses and verses from the Bible," Moshin says, after they learned he had decided to withdraw from the school. "I didn't know how Christian it was," he says, smoking a clove cigarette outside the dorm, standing with friends he'd made from Baruch and SVA as he waited for his parents to arrive to help move him out.

As Moshin said his goodbyes, he expressed his hope that they weren't final. "I might live in this dorm again," he says. In coming months, he plans to apply to Baruch.

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