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Food & Drink
According to the ancient Greek play The Bacchae, wine is the world’s best antidepressant: “There is no other medicine for misery,” Euripides claims. If you’d like to know a little more about this wonder drug, consider signing up for oenological instruction at New York City Wine Class in Midtown, which offers an introductory course, education in various varietals, and for the particularly thirsty (and hungry) “16 wines, 8 Cheeses, 1 Night.”

You are what you eat. Unfortunately, that means Gothamites are some unholy amalgam of bagels, pizza, and takeout Chinese, with just a soupçon of Tasti D-Lite. If you’re looking for some self-improvement, you might enroll in the monthly culinary tutorial at Cooking With Class on the Upper East Side. November and December classes include “Thanksgiving Dinner Menu” and “Holiday Entertaining Cocktail Buffet.” In January, you can atone with “Healthy Soups & Lean Cuisine.”

Mind, Body & Spirit
At Sonic Yoga, you needn’t bring any particular faith or creed, but you should definitely bring a towel or two. This Hell’s Kitchen studio focuses less on devotion and more on motion, with its Flow series designed to build “strength, stamina and focus.” Those who prefer some spirituality with their sweat can sign up for such workshops as “Mandala of Asanas,” “Channeling Prana,” and “From Personal Evolution to Spiritual Globalisation.”

Is improved health just one bouquet garni away? This winter, several classes at the New York Open Center, a Midtown-based organization dedicated to holistic learning, suggest that certain herbs and plants can spice up your life as well as your supper. “Healing Spices: Herbal Medicine in Your Spice Rack” discusses the benefits of ginger, garlic, basil, and lavender. Several of those same foods turn up again in “Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics,” “Overcome Depression Naturally,” and “Therapeutic Nutrition for Chronic Illnesses and Everyday Ailments.”

Does the World Wide Web make you feel like the fly rather than the spider? Perhaps you should set your sights on a demystifying course in Web design at ACE Computer Training Center, which has been helping students untangle themselves from the Internet since 2002. This basic course introduces learners to the Web and helps them to make a space for themselves using HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks.

It only takes a few minutes clicking from Grub Street to Serious Eats to the Voice’s own Fork in the Road before you see an image of food so delectable that you’re half-tempted to lick the screen. (Or maybe you’re completely tempted. N.B.: It doesn’t taste very nice.) If you’d like to get in on the explosion in culinary websites, you might enroll in the International Culinary Center’s “Food Blogging” course. Students at the center’s Soho location will create their own blogs and learn how to make them that much more delicious.

Perhaps you’ve sufficiently romanced the usual run of Romance languages. Your heart has beaten faster to French vocab, you’ve fallen in love with Italian irregular verbs, and you’ve thrilled to Spanish prepositions. Then why not cozy up to some Portuguese language lessons? At Brazil Ahead in Midtown, you can take beginning or advanced classes, conversation groups, workshops, and—should you fall head over heels for the language—an immersion course in Rio.

The Greek language has been around for some 3,400 years, and if Greece’s economy doesn’t collapse, it might even last a little longer. And yet, despite having had all those millennia to learn, few of us have actually mastered the tongue. ABC Language Exchange offers instruction in modern Greek, among other tongues, at its Midtown locations, with group classes at the beginner level and private tutorials for more advanced Hellenists.

Diamonds are ostensibly a girl’s best friend, so you might as well devote some time to investigating that very special relationship. For a distinctly sparkly form of couples therapy, you might consider enrolling in Pratt Institute’s jewelry-design intensive. This four-day course, which takes place over two consecutive weekends in November and also covers earrings and bracelets, discusses stringing, knotting, wrapping, crimpling, and various finishes.

Remember back in kindergarten when you could pass whole afternoons amusing yourself with paper, glue, and childproof scissors? If you long for those innocent paste-eating days, enter one of the Little Shop of Crafts’ two Manhattan locations. The Little Shop is a big tent, offering all sorts of classes and workshops in such métiers as beading, plaster, mosaic, watercolors, and stuffed-toy design.

“Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,” opined the poet Thomas Gray. But it’s much nicer when blooms can be shown off in a bouquet. Happily, Red Hook’s celebrated blossom shop Saipua has transformed itself into the Little Flower School, devoted to the art of floral arrangements. Each class lasts some three hours, provides students with a pair of clippers and a take-home arrangement, and concludes with a champagne toast and homemade baked goods. Fall classes include “Fruiting Branches and Berries on the Vine” and “Ranunculus.”

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